Real Name - Peyton Zachary Fugate

Current Alias - Sonicwave

Relatives - Firehawk (Father), Mandy Fugate (Mother), Tyris Fugate (Brother)

Affiliation - None

Base of Operations - Akron, Ohio

Gender - Male

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Blonde


Identity -  Secret Identity

Citizenship - American

Martial Status - Single

Occupation - Adventurer, Student

Alignment - Good


Peyton Fugate is a mutant. Born with the Ability to create Sonic Vibrations and make constructs harder than Steel. His Mutant Abilities didn't surface till he was jumped by local bullies at the age of 13. Accidently hospitalising all the bullies due to the chaotic nature of his abilities, Peyton decided to run away from home. After being caught by Police, he was returned to his mom. He told his mom about his powers and told her how scared he was for everyone's safety. His mom consoled her son, and told him a story about Peyton's father, Firehawk. Firehawk is a famous Mutant Hero who has Flight and Pyrokinesis. After being told this story, Peyton was inspired to protect the citizens of the USA from villains like his father. After months of self-teaching, Peyton entered the Super-Hero Pool and started to fight crime. 

Early CarearEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Unstable Sonic Energy Body
    • Peyton's molecules are unstable and are constantly creating sonic vibrations. This makes Peyton's body denser and stronger. While it gives him enhanced strength and durability, it also makes it possible for Peyton to lose tangibility. While Intangible, Peyton can fly.
      • Enhanced Durability - Peyton's body is denser and can take more weight than a normal human
      • Enhanced Strength - Peyton is slightly stronger than a normal human, but not to the extent of Superhuman Strength.
      • Temporary Intangibility - Peyton's body can temporarly "phase" and become intangible.
        • Flight - While intangible Peyton can fly
      • Exuastion Immunity - Peyton's metabolism is so high that Peyton does not tire
      • Sonic Blasts - Peyton's body naturally produces Sonic Vibrations that Peyton can focus into a concussive blast.
      • Regeneratigive Body - Peyton's body can heal wounds to the extent of even restoring lost limbs.
      • Sonic Constructs - While Peyton can focus his sonic vibrations into concussive blasts, he can also focus his sonic vibrations into physical constructs including Hammers, Swords, Shields, and Arrows.